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Vodafone launches Christmas campaign as Brits sit on £20 billion of unused devices

Megan Robinson
December 3, 2021

Around 1.5 million households in the UK live with no internet access but one in five Brits do not realise there is an issue.

Vodafone has launched its ‘ReBoxing Day’ campaign to encourage Brits to donate old and unused tech.

The campaign launches today and is fronted by TV presenter and radio host Roman Kemp who will encourage people to donate to its “Great British Tech Appeal.”

New research from Vodafone reveals British households have more than £20bn of unused tech and devices as the average adult hasn’t had a clear-out for more than three years.

People keep their devices as 30 per cent say they might need them one day and 22pc have forgotten about them.

One in five don’t realise there is a poverty issue in the UK while 32pc would like to donate their old devices if it could help someone.

Vodafone will add free data, calls and texts to the donated phones and give them to people in need through charity partner Barnardo’s.

Vodafone UK consumer director Max Taylor said: With so much of modern life centred around technology, those who do not have access to it risk getting left behind. Most people have old devices tucked away at home that they know they will never use again. 

“That’s why this Christmas we are calling on the British public to help us tackle digital poverty by donating their old devices, anyone can donate an old device – you don’t have to be a Vodafone customer to take part.”

People who want to get involved can do so by visiting a special interactive ReBoxing Day experience on the Southbank open until Sunday December 5.

They will then be sent a pre-paid donation bag and can take this to any Vodafone store or  post it.

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