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Uswitch reveals the fastest and slowest streets in the UK for broadband

Megan Robinson
December 1, 2021

Some of the big cities in the UK didn’t rank in the top 10 fastest streets for broadband

Uswitch has analysed broadband speed tests run throughout the year to find out where the fastest and slowest streets in the UK are.

The fastest street was Haul Fryn in Birchgrove, Swansea, which recorded an average speed of 882Mbps.

The slowest street was Wistaston Road in Crewe which only recorded an average speed of 0.25Mbps.

By comparison, broadband users in Haul Fryn could download a film in 47 seconds but it would take broadband users in Wistaston Road 48 hours to download a film.

The UK digital divide is growing as in 2019, the slowest street was 830 times slower than the fastest street, but in 2021 this has risen to 3567 times. 

The UK average broadband speed is 79.1Mbps but the top 10 slowest roads did not exceed 0.40Mbps and the top 10 fastest roads recorded an average speed of 699Mbps. 

Superfast broadband is available to 96 per cent of the country, but a recent Uswitch survey found 40pc didn’t know they could access these speeds in their area.

Commenting on these findings, CommScope senior vice president international Phil Sorky said: “We need the government and network providers to work together to help address this digital divide we’re seeing across the UK. 

“Continuing to rollout fibre and build the infrastructure to supply fast, reliable connectivity to homes across the UK will ultimately underpin our efforts to build back better from the pandemic and help in the government’s aim to ‘level up’ our economy.”

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