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Truphone launches eSIM solution for the IoT

Paul Lipscombe
May 5, 2020

The solution provides instant over-the-air connectivity 

Truphone has announced a new eSIM solution that is designed specifically for connection to the Internet of Things.

The service aims to provide industries an opportunity to connect multiple IoT devices straight out the box.

This solution uses Truphone’s eSIM technology and can help companies build smart home devices, asset trackers and connected cameras.

It has been designed to “reimagine the IoT for the 2020s” and connect any business to any device.

Truphone CEO Ralph Steffens said: “The whole process can be seamless, secure and, above all, simple.

“It’s our belief that, in breaking down the barriers that keep the IoT closed off and difficult to navigate, we will reach its true potential. And that’s something that benefits us all.”

It’s both foolproof and future-proof according to Truphone, with ‘air-tight security’ from a single core network equipped.


Founded in 2006, Truphone announced last month that it has secured an additional £30 million in investment.

The latest investment means the UK-based eSIM developer has a value of £410 million.

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