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Brits expect more flexible working post-lockdown according to report

Paul Lipscombe
May 6, 2020

Flexible working could also lead to workers moving further away from workplace

A new report has found that 45 per cent of Brits predict a more flexible approach to their working pattern once the lockdown is lifted.

O2 Business conducted the report entitled ‘The Flexible Future of Work’, in partnership with ICM and YouGov.

And the report predicts Brits will be reluctant to return to their office for a traditional five-day week.

While nearly half of respondents expect flexible working to increase, 33 per cent anticipate the number of working from home days to increase to at least three per week.

With 81 per cent expecting just one day at home each week.

O2 Business sales and service director Katy Liddell commented: “The report shows us how the demand for flexible working and the role of technology in our working life is accelerating during lockdown, and how this might shape the future of the workforce.”


The report also revealed that more flexible measures could lead to more people moving away from where they work.

Currently 62 per cent of workers live within 30 minutes of their workplace.

However ICM tip this figure to drop to just over a third (36 per cent) if working from home becomes more common.

While the number grows to 63 per cent of Brits that would move over an hour away from their workplace.

This could see a lot of people living in the city moving out to the suburbs, with seaside towns potentially becoming more appealing according to the study.

The appeal of rural living also increases from three per cent to 12 per cent, if more flexible working is applied.

But this does suggest that there could be more competition to attract and retain staff post-lockdown if change is occurs.

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