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Three considering Google concession store partnership

Samantha Tomaszczyk
March 25, 2014

The stores would be used to demonstrate Google products such as Chromecast, and could also function as a helpdesk for Android customers

Three is looking into launching Google concession stores in a selection of high street stores.

CEO David Dyson told Mobile News the ‘store-in-stores’ could be used by Google to demonstrate products such as Chromecast – a dongle that can be plugged into a TV and used to stream shows and films, and play music. A spokesperson for the operator has since contacted Mobile News to say that there are no concrete plans in place.

The concession stores could also function as a helpdesk for Android customers, he said.

Three currently has a similar partnership with Samsung, which has concession booths in some of the operator’s larger stores. Dyson said the concession stores are even used by O2 customers who need assistance with their Samsung device.

New stores

Dyson also said Three will open a “handful” of new stores by the end of the year.

Three currently has around 350 stores, but has identified a few areas of the UK where it is currently under-represented.

Dyson declined to provide an exact number of new stores, but said it would be less than 100 and would not constitute a large investment.

He said Three’s priority was to finish its store rebrand, which has so far seen about half of its stores get a more spacious layout and take the name ‘Three’ rather than ‘3’.

“We have refitted about half of our stores, and so our immediate focus is about doing the same for the other half,” Dyson said.

“We are looking at opening more stores in some locations but the number of new stores will not be in the hundreds and will not require a heavy investment.”

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