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HTC launches free skateboard park with Selfridges

Samantha Tomaszczyk
March 26, 2014

The manufacturer will use the skatepark to demonstrate the HTC One M8’s camera capabilities

HTC has partnered with Selfridges to launch a free skateboard park in central London.

The HTC One skatepark opens tomorrow (March 27) and is situated in the Old Selfridges Hotel on Oxford Street.

The smartphone manufacturer will use the skatepark to demo the camera capabilities of its latest flagship, the HTC One M8.

The device, unveiled yesterday, has a five-megapixel front-facing camera compared to the original HTC One’s 2.1 megapixels.

The rear camera still has four ultrapixels, although the One M8 adds a ‘depth sensor’ which allows users to take 3D pictures and ‘post-edit’ shots (including re-focusing on a different object). The phone also features ‘duo flash’ (orange and green flash) which means more natural-looking photos, HTC said.

There will be four demo areas around the skatepark, each of which will be linked to plasma TV screens around the skate park playing ‘Zoe’ highlight films in real time.

The HTC Zoe app allows users to combine videos and photographs to create a film played to music.

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