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HTC changes marketing strategy to focus on design

Samantha Tomaszczyk
March 25, 2014

HTC’s adverts for the new One M8 will focus on its “craftsmanship” and will be seen on TV, in print and online

HTC is changing its marketing strategy to focus more on design and less on features such as its news-aggregation product BlinkFeed.

Speaking to Mobile News, the company said its new marketing campaign – which invites customers to “feel” its new HTC One M8 device – was inspired by feedback from operators who said customers looking to purchase a design are swayed more by the design of a smartphone than its insides.

Advertising campaigns starting from today (March 25) will focus on the “craftsmanship” of the HTC One M8.

Adverts will run on TV during Champions League matches – both in ad breaks and on boards around the pitch – as well as in print and online.

Initial adverts on the HTC One M8 will not, however, feature Robert Downey Junior, who has a two-year deal with the manufacturer to appear in its marketing campaigns.

Vice president of UK, Nordic and partner markets Peter Frolund said HTC has also opened a concept store in Selfridges, and is sponsoring a skate park in the department store.

Frolund said: “We will be focusing on design 100 per cent in our marketing execution in 2014.

“Something else we are doing which is unique to the UK is we are partnering with Selfridges: there is a concept store where from March 25 you will see the HTC One M8.

“We will also have a skatepark in the store, the HTC skate park, inviting skaters from the UK and abroad.

“Our photo and video editing features will be demo-d in the skate park.”

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