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Monqi has mission to install child protection on any smartphone

Manny Pham
April 9, 2019

Barcelona-based Monqi has its child-safety OS embedded in the IMO S2 smartphone

Android software developer Monqi is looking for networks and manufacturers to use its anti- cyberbullying software and add 250,000 users.

Monqi provides an Android skin that protects children from online bullying and unsuitable content.

It does this through technology that can read text conversations to notify parents of cyberbullying, a nudity detector, a safe browser app and 1,500 ad-free versions of popular app games such as Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga.

Barcelona-based developer Monqi currently has 25,000 users of the child-safety-customised Android OS, which was embedded in the IMO S2 and Monqi Phone smartphones. The IMO S2 launched in November and is sold by Tesco.

UK sales are handled by specialist mobile agency Our Perspective run by former Data Select directors Roy Taylor and Jason Kemp, who also handled the launch of the Energizer range.

Taylor said: “We have a great partnership with Tesco, but ultimately we need to be ranged by an operator. We’re looking to sign up 250,000 users by the end of this year. The challenge will be to educate parents about the proposition.”

Monqi CEO Frederik Albrechtsen added: “We want the OS to one day allow customers to choose any smartphone they like that will have the Monqi OS.

“We’re looking to strike these partnerships, as we want developer agreements to have a truly seamless experience for our customers.”

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