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Vodafone to sell Doro 8040 smartphone

Manny Pham
April 10, 2019

Customers can buy on contract starting at £23 per month or £135 prepaid

Swedish vendor Doro announced the 8040 4G smartphone is now available through Vodafone on pay monthly contracts and prepaid.

The smartphone is a transitional device for seniors looking to switch from feature phones to smartphones. It was launched in 2017 and was the manufacturer’s first smartphone product.

Customers can buy on contract starting at £23 per month or £135 prepaid.

The 8040 has a host of features catered to seniors such as loud and clear sound, adjustable text size and an assistance button. A charging cradle is also included.

Family and friends can access the 8040 through web portal ‘My Doro Manager’, and remotely provide assistant if difficulties with the the device arises.

The web portal guides users on processes including adding contacts, settings, silent mode and locking the device.

Doro UK and Ireland managing director Peter Marsden said: “The Doro 8040 allows Vodafone customers, with or without smartphone experience, to enjoy loud and clear sound and easy-to-see icons through a multi-faceted interface.

“The Doro 8040 also boasts an 8-megapixel camera. This is an important upgrade and an exciting addition to our product portfolio available on the Vodafone network.”



8040 Doro

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