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5G connections to hit 2.6bn by 2025 according to Ericsson

Paul Lipscombe
November 25, 2019

By the end of this year Ericsson expects 5G connections to reach 13 million

5G is tipped to reach 65 per cent of the global population by 2025 according to Ericsson’s latest Mobility Report.

In the report, Ericsson expects total 5G mobile subscriptions to reach 2.6 billion by 2025, with the number predicted to rise substantially during this time.

This will account for around 29 per cent of all mobile subscriptions during that time.

In contrast it is expected that there will only be 13 million 5G subscriptions by the end of this year, as the network has gradually rolled out in markets across the world.

Ericsson also revealed that China (14 million) Indonesia (nine million) and Philippines (eight million) led the way in Q3 for the highest number of net additions in the quarter.

Ericsson executive vice president and head of networks Fredrik Jejdling said: “5G goes from strength to strength as networks are built out across the world. A big uptake of 5G subscriptions has taken place in South Korea, with around 3 million subscribers recorded in just a few months.

“In perspective, what has happened in 2019 doesn’t determine the success of 5G but rather indicates what is to come. When looking at the development in this industry over the last few years it is truly astonishing to see the progress.”

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