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2012 predictions: Mainline managing director Andrew Boden

Mobile News
February 14, 2012

Dealers will be considerably helped by distributors and networks in meeting specific customer requirements, according to Mainline Digital Communications managing director Andrew Boden, with the channel growing as more embrace convergence

“2012 will see an even greater emphasis from the networks, distributors and the dealers on customer retention, loyalty and minimising churn.

“Dealers will need to tailor products, services and even marketing plans in order to meet the specific requirements of individual customers. There will be considerable support from distributors and networks in this regard, giving dealers every chance to build on their existing customer bases and to further enhance relationships.

“After many false dawns, convergence is now a reality. The number of fixed-line and IT resellers looking to add mobile to their portfolio will continue to grow. This will increase the competitive nature of the market and dealers who are not willing to adapt will find themselves losing SME customers – and possibly their business – as a result.”

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