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2012 predictions: Aerial Telephones managing director Paul Davis

Mobile News
February 14, 2012

Aerial Telephones managing director Paul Davis reckons consolidation of ICT will come to the fore, with FMC and consumerisation also emerging as key focus areas for growth

“2012 will demand an even greater development of the skill sets required to facilitate the consolidation of true ICT solutions. Gone are the days of being a single-channel provider, so any ground gained in 2011 to address this will reap benefits in 2012. With this shift, true consolidation of ICT will emerge. Networks are more aggressively targeting the IT solutions required by corporate and are aligning their offerings to reflect this.

“Education is key in 2012, both within the industry and also to the market, and we need to ensure the skills are in place to handle the convergence but also to ensure the market understands the relevance.

“The Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) and consumerisation will also be key focus areas to ensure growth in 2012 within the mobile portfolio.

“There is limited space for consolidation of handsets, so we expect to see a rise in the accessories provided for them, such as intelligent docking stations. We also believe that users are becoming more loyal to a specific OS as opposed to a manufacturer.

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