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Westcoast partners up with Chargifi to become its UK distributor

Paul Lipscombe
June 22, 2018

Chargifi technology is already deployed in 21 countries by over 90 organisations 

Chargifi has announced that Westcoast Limited will become its UK distributor as it anticipates explosive growth in the wireless charging market.

Chargifi is the market leader for technology that transforms the way the world manages, monitors and monetizes power.

As a result of the partnership Chargifi’s mass deployment of wireless charging will be available through Westcoast.

Westcoast is the number one UK distributor for many of the world’s largest IT brands including HP, HPE, Microsoft, Lenovo and Apple and distribute to resellers, retailers and office product dealers in the UK.

The partnership will see Westcoast assist Chargifi with the rollout of its cloud management platform and will also support Chagifi in terms of logistics services to help establish and grow the market reach across enterprise markets.

With the wireless charging market forecasting massive growth, estimated at £18.9 billion by 2023. Chargifi delivers a market leading solution to help with the mass deployment of wireless power, turning it into a service that adds value to businesses and their customers.

Chargifi technology is currently deployed in 21 countries by 90 different organisations including MGM, Marriott, Twickenham Stadium, Imperial College London and Pret A Manger.

Chargifi CEO Dan Bladen commented on the partnership: “Westcoast is able to provide us with the scale, resources and infrastructure we need to meet the demand from the enterprise market across the UK.

“Westcoast is an excellent partner to help us deliver the wireless world to businesses. Westcoast’s expertise and reach will be hugely beneficial in helping us scale and build out the Chargifi platform.”

Westcoast managing director Alex Tatham said: “Westcoast are delighted to be able to support a new UK technology leader and sooner or later we will all be asking why there isn’t a wireless charging point in every meeting room, cafe, shop, stadium and public venue in the country.”

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