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Ericsson reports 300-fold increase in mobile data traffic over 10 years

Megan Robinson
November 30, 2021

It is forecast that there will be 4.4 billion 5G subscriptions by the end of 2027

Ericsson Mobility Report revealed mobile data traffic has increased nearly 300-fold and 5.5 billion smartphone users have been added since 2011. 

The deployment of 4G LTE networks has helped generate these 5.5 billion new smartphone connections, with 5G handsets predicted to increase this number further.

It is estimated that 5G subscriptions could reach 660 million by the end of this year with an expected demand in China and North America due to decreasing prices in 5G devices.

By 2027, 5G is predicted to account for 50 per cent of all mobile subscriptions worldwide and carry 62pc of the global smartphone traffic.

The special ten-year edition of the original report also highlights that mobile data traffic in Q3 2021 reached more than all mobile traffic generated up until the end of 2016.

Ericsson’s executive vice president and head of networks Fredrik Jejdling said: “Mobile communication has had an incredible impact on society and business over the last ten years.

“When we look ahead to 2027, mobile networks will be more integral than ever to how we interact, live and work.”

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