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Uswitch: Broadband outages affecting 11 million Brits cost UK economy £1.3 billion last year

Megan Robinson
June 29, 2022

Nottingham suffered the worst of the outages by spending the most time offline and losing 9.2 million hours of broadband annually

Broadband disruption has cost the UK economy £1.3 billion and 11 million consumers were left without internet for three or more hours in the past year, according to Uswitch.

The comparison and switching service released its annual outages report, which also showed that 51 per cent of UK workers work from home, therefore hitting them hardest.

One in ten home workers said poor broadband caused their bosses to complain, and another 10 pc prefer to work on key projects in the office due to bad broadband. 

However, 13 pc said the cost of living crisis means they have to work from home more often despite faulty services.

Out of those who suffered a long outage, 52 pc contacted their provider and 23 pc received compensation for it- meanwhile 14 pc of broadband users have noticed their service getting worse. broadband expert Ernest Doku said: “Stable broadband should not be the thing that you worry about when you are trying to impress a new employer.

“When people reach the point that their bosses are commenting on their connection issues, it’s time to consider an upgrade. You may find that better service often comes at a cheaper price when you have been with the same provider for a number of years.

“Many households who took out a broadband deal during lockdown in the 2021 January sales will now be reaching the end of their contract, so it’s the perfect time to shop around, especially if you rely on your home internet to do your job.”

Uswitch have also released advice on what to do if your internet is down.

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