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Vodafone UK issues 5G investment warning

Paul Lipscombe
June 29, 2022

The operator has recommended the government issues an updated 5G strategy

The UK economy could miss out on £7bn each year if the country misses out on the full benefits of 5G.

That is the warning given from Vodafone, which conducted research that found that the UK needs to do more to fully benefit from 5G.

Vodafone’s Digital Ambition 2030 report found that while the bigger cities previously saw the quickest 4G rollout are well-positioned to attract investment in 5G, smaller to mid-sized towns are at risk of missing out.

In the report Vodafone highlighted 58 local authority areas which would see a high benefit from strong 5G investment.


Vodafone outlined a number of recommendations to help support investment in full 5G across the country, including for the government to publish an updated 5G strategy that sets out specific ambitions for the rollout of 5G networks.

Other recommendations include changes to planning rules, business rates, net neutrality regulations and a change in approach to spectrum fees.

“5G technology enables both massive innovation and huge gains in productivity, especially for industrial uses such as smart factories, and public services such as hospitals which will require ultra-reliable and ultra-low-latency communications,” said Vodafone UK CEO Ahmed Essam (pictured).

“But the benefits of this will not be felt equally across the UK in the current regulatory and policy environment – we have to ensure the UK can attract investment in future technologies.

“5G rollout could be a major boost to the Levelling Up agenda. But it could also leave some places falling further behind. It all depends on getting the investment environment right.”

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