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Truphone offers free eSIM tech to chip makers and vendors

Paul Lipscombe
March 1, 2022

eSIM adoption is set to reach 3.4 billion globally by 2025, up from 1.2 billion last year, according to Juniper Research

Truphone has launched a new free eSIM service, as it ramps up pressure to abolish traditional SIM cards.

The eSIM specialist’s ‘Freedom for Free’ offering, which provides its eSIM technology free to chip manufacturers and vendors.

The company, which offers GSMA-accredited eSIMs, is confident that this will encourage a
faster take-up of embedded SIMs, ultimately reducing the need for physical plastic cards.

Many major vendors, including Apple and Samsung, have adopted eSIM technology in recent years.

“Having built a complete eSIM ecosystem from the ground up, Truphone is able to demolish the traditional barriers to achieving a SIM-free world,” said Truphone chief technology officer Michael Moorfield.

“Our vision is to remove barriers and provide access to our software that will enable global players and innovative start-ups to embrace eSIM in all of their products.”

Last March, Truphone announced that it had provided its 10 millionth eSIM via its remote provisioning platform.


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