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Jersey Telecom in Sky Mobile security deal

Paul Lipscombe
March 1, 2022

The partnership aims to give added protection to stop customers from being victims of fraud

Jersey Telecom has partnered with Sky Mobile in a deal aimed at helping to provide the MVNO’s customers with additional security when carrying out transactions on their smartphones.

The telecoms operator’s Fraud Protection Services will enable Sky Mobile to help the fraud detection systems of UK banks to query crucial network information, providing an added level of security for customers against SIM-swap fraud.

Such fraud is used by criminals to gain access to bank accounts by obtaining one-time passcodes sent to mobile phones.

Background checks can be carried out by Jersey Telecom’s system in collaboration with Sky Mobile to verify whether the SIM has been swapped, flagging up potential fraud.

“SIM-swap fraud is on the rise around the world and on average a customer loses £2,500 when successful fraud is carried out,” said Jersey Telecom head of fraud protection services Clare Messenger.

“JT’s Fraud Protection Services provide an enhanced level of security when customers are making payments or using other sensitive information.”

Sky Mobile managing director Paul Sweeney added: “With SIM-swap fraud on the rise, it’s important to us that Sky Mobile customers are kept safe, which is why we’ve partnered with Jersey Telecom to provide them with an additional level of protection and peace of mind.”

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