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MWC 2022: Huawei identify digitalisation and carbon neutrality as key focuses

Paul Lipscombe
March 1, 2022

Ping has called on the mobile industry to reshape the technology space

Huawei’s rotating chairman identified digitalisation and carbon neutrality as two crucial areas, as the vendor looks to ensure the longer-term sustainability of the ICT industry.

Guo Ping highlighted these two areas as providing both challenges, but also opportunities.

He made the comments during his keynote speech “Just Look Up, Let’s Light Up the Future” at MWC.

His views on digitalisation becoming crucial come as Huawei estimates that over 50 per cent of global GDP will be digitalised by 2022.

This means that as the global digital economy develops quickly, as does the demand for these digital products and services.

And this has led to Ping calling on the industry to ‘explore new theories and architechtures to reshape’ the technology space, which will help work towards achieving digital sustainability.

“Connectivity density and computing power determine the strength of the digital economy, but it should also maintain long-term vitality. So, we need to consider a new dimension, carbon reduction,” said Ping.

Huawei has pledged to make ‘Green ICT’ a key part of its “More Bits, Less Watts” strategy, in an effort to reduce emissions.

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