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Three’s customer support Twitter says MNO has paused eSIM support ahead of ‘early 2021’ launch

Jasper Hart
January 5, 2021

MNO’s Support Twitter page says eSIM support is coming in ‘early 2021’


A Three spokesperson said: “Our trial of eSim devices launched last year and has now been completed. Existing eSIM customers will continue to be supported and we are working on a full launch later this year.”


Three has paused its eSIM support, according to social media posts from its customer support team.

The MNO was the only UK operator to not offer eSIM support until September last year, when it set up a page on its website offering support and activation for eSIMs on its network. It only offered eSIMs for select mobile devices, and not smartwatches.

However, according to several tweets posted by Three’s UK Support account, the operator has since suspended the service, with some tweets referring to eSIMs’ previous availability as on a trial basis.

A tweet from Three’s Support team on December 18 said that eSIMs were only available “in certain stores”, while another on December 23 said that Three had “recently finished trialling eSIM in some of our stores”.

This suggests that Three stopped offering its limited eSIM support in the run-up to Christmas. Additionally, Three says on its eSIM support webpage that eSIM is not available in its stores until further notice.

Customers on Three with an existing eSIM who need a replacement should contact the operator on 333.

Mobile News has reached out to Three for comment.

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