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Three offers unlimited data upgrades for disadvantaged school children

Paul Lipscombe
January 5, 2021

It comes as school’s close across England from today (January 5)

Three UK has announced it is providing unlimited data upgrades for disadvantaged school children in England following nationwide school closures.

The move has been made to help support school children with their studies as studies are carried out remotely from home.

The operators’ data offer comes hours after UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the  immediate closures of schools in England, with the coronavirus pandemic worsening.

Schools are entitled to request the data upgrades if a child has no internet access at home, through the Department of Education’s ‘Get Help With Technology’ programme.

This unlimited data will be applied until the end of the school year in July.

Three UK chief commercial officer Elaine Carey said: “Education is crucial for everyone in society and it is vital no child misses out. Three UK wants to support those families that need access to connectivity to support their child’s learning needs during the pandemic.”

During the pandemic Three UK has also zero-rated access to NHS websites and video consultations, and offered free unlimited data upgrades to NHS frontline staff.

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