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Three launches home mobile broadband trial in N. Ireland

James Pearce
February 15, 2016

Northern Irish customers will be offered Wi-Fi “plug and play” broadband service running off Three’s mobile network

Three has launched a trial of a new home mobile broadband offering to its Northern Irish customer base.

The new home Wi-Fi “plug and play” service went on sale in all ten of Three’s stores in Northern Ireland earlier this month, targeting customers such as renters and students who don’t need a fixed landline. Three claims it is the first home mobile broadband offering to go on sale in the region.

Three is offering a choice of two data packages – 20GB or 40GB – on either a 30 day rolling or 12 month contract, with the offer open to new and existing customers. If a customer moves, they can take the device with them.

Deals start from £17 for the 20GB rolling offer, while 40GB costs from £20 per month.

The initial trial will see just 500 devices available, with the possibility of a further rollout dependent on consumer interest.

Three chief marketing officer Tom Malleschitz said: “Our home broadband service offers an alternative to a costly fixed-line service which many consumers have no need for. Best of all, its super-simple – consumers can just plug and play with no need for complex installation.”

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