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Samsung reveals over a quarter of UK businesses faced increase security threats

Saf Malik
March 11, 2021

Samsung Enterprise Edition research identifies the main tech challenges for UK businesses

New research from Samsung Enterprise Edition has revealed that over a quarter of UK businesses experienced an increase in security threats during the remote working period. 

Following a year of unprecedented change, it is predicted that a quarter of Brits will work from home full-time by 2025, compared to just 5 per cent in 2019. 

With mobile technology becoming essential for remote productivity, organisations now face a wave of challenges to deploying a mobility strategy that is controlled, effective and secure.     

The study aimed to identify where businesses experienced the most troubling tech challenges when forced to work remotely. Over a quarter of respondents (29 per cent) experienced increased security threats and 30 per cent of businesses admitted to not having enough mobile devices to offer their remote workers. 

Seven out of ten employees admit to having used their personal device for work purposes – either exclusively or alongside a work device – with 18 per cent noting that they haven’t felt confident in the security of their device for the last 12 months.

According to the study, Enterprise Management Mobility (EMM) – technology and software that enables businesses to securely manage employee use of mobile devices and applications – has become an increasingly popular solution to addressing these issues, as more organisations look to simplify and secure their mobility strategy.

Samsung Enterprise Edition is one example of an EMM solution, it combines a complete suite of mobile technology and services with Knox security from the chip-up, enabling businesses to integrate end-to-end security and remote configuration into their fleet of devices.

60 per cent of organisations either started or expanded their use of EMM within the last year, with nine in ten adopters planning to invest more in 2021. The most positively impacted areas were: 

  • Tightened security: Over half of adopters (55 per cent) selected enhanced security as a key benefit. Additionally, nine in ten of those using the solution feel confident in the security of their company’s devices – significantly higher than those who don’t (78 per cent).
  • Performance boost: Over a third of respondents reported improved levels of collaboration (34 per cent), productivity (35 per cent), and quality of work (36 per cent) as direct results from deploying the solution. With a third of respondents admitting to suffering employee productivity issues this year, these are invaluable benefits.
  • Device control: Four in ten decision-makers said it simplifies the management of individual devices, notably with software updates (46 per cent), and over a third (34 per cent) enjoy easier configuration and management of large mobile fleets. With 87 per cent respondents saying that device longevity is crucial for their operations, EMM is a key enabler of a longer lifespan.

Samsung UK and Ireland director Joe Walsh said: “The last year has shown us that we can never be too prepared when it comes to the steps we can take to secure our business. 

“Mobile phones have become more critical than ever for productivity, but the acceleration of remote and hybrid working models has made the management and protection of large mobility fleets even more challenging – particularly for those who have note previously considered it.”

“It is encouraging to see that Enterprise solutions are becoming a popular and effective way for businesses to boost security, and we continue to listen to our customers to develop integral solutions that address their day-to-day challenges. With Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition, we provide organisations with more choice, more control and more protection when managing their mobile fleets, so they can do less work and more business.”

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