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ReplaceBase puts on polished show on TikTok

Megan Robinson
June 13, 2022

The team plan to keep creating content to inspire people to self-repair and contribute to the circular economy 

Replacement parts supplier ReplaceBase has racked up more than a million views on a TikTok video showcasing refurbished phones in less than a month.

The viral video shows a grade C phone being cleaned by the Primo polishing system of Red Wolf Technology, after which a ReplaceBase employee takes the refurbished phone to CeX – where it is upgraded to a B and he receives £119 for the device.

Founder Steve Garner says the team started posting on TikTok 11 months ago, with Replace Base accumulating 2.5 million views andnearly 10,000 followers.

“We were inspired by a young man who started doing repairs on TikTok, and now he has a large following and works with some big brands,” said Garner.

“TikTok is hard for business, as people want creative content, so we have put in a lot of time to reach the right people and encourage the audience to self-repair or look for a career in the industry.”

Product Demo

The video was made to promote the capabilities of the Primo polishing system to CeX.

Garner says the polisher was invented by Bradley Bacigalupi of Red Wolf, with which Replace Base has partnered to assist with the product’s development.

“The machine is in the final stages of live testing and we are seeing great results,” said Garner.

“It’s small, portable and can be used with any phone without the need for special configuration – all controlled by a bespoke app that can polish a phone in about ten minutes.

“We are planning more content and have some interesting ideas. We have also received the prototype for the Apple Watch holder for the Primo machine, so maybe we will go back to CeX to showcase this soon.”

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