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Ofcom urges more help for the vulnerable

Cynera Rodricks
September 29, 2022

Millions losing out telecoms discounts.

Telecoms providers are being urged by Ofcom to offer customers more support. This follows Ofcom’s annual affordability study which says more families than ever are struggling to pay their phone and broadband bills.

Around 8 million households are struggling says Ofcom. Telecoms providers must do more to advertise their discounted prices to low income groups. Only three per cent of eligible homes have signed up for social tariffs, thus depriving nearly 90 per cent of eligible customers of around a £144 a year.

While a relatively small proportion of broadband and mobile customers tend to fall into arrears, debt can be stressful and can have a significant impact on a person’s mental health. In the current economic environment, we are mindful that more people may struggle to pay or fall behind on their bills due to rising retail prices and wider pressures on the cost of living,” says Ofcom.

Ofcom has produced a special guide for telecoms providers advising them on how they should treat customers fairly. The 59 page guide includes topics such as social tariffs, engagement with customers and strengthening links to the free debt advice sector.


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