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Vodafone offers new Phone Buy-Back Guarantee scheme

Cynera Rodricks
September 29, 2022

Initiative aimed at helping customers reduce costs.

Vodafone has come up with its own Phone Buy-Back Guarantee offer, which gives customers a chance to sell their iPhone 14 back for a guaranteed price next year (up to £871)- reducing the cost of the new device and helping customers upgrade earlier.

This offer was highlighted in a recent Vodafone survey that found that approximately 62 per cent of people are more likely to purchase expensive goods if they believe they will be able to resell them the following year, making the UK a nation of “buy back” Brits.

The rising cost of living crisis has accelerated this trend, where consumers are making savvy saving decisions in advance.

Before committing to purchasing a new smartphone, around 45 per cent will look for the best deals and 56 per cent will consider the future resale or trade in value of the gadget.

A further 24pc will look t re-sell items they no longer need or use, while 23pc have renegotiated existing contracts upon renewal.

Max Taylor, Vodafone’s UK Consumer Director, said: “Our Phone Buy-Back Guarantee allows our customers to get the latest iPhone, safe in the knowledge that should they want to sell it at a later date, we will buy it back for a guaranteed price.”

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