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Note20 can bridge mobile and computing gap, says Samsung’s B2B head

Jasper Hart
August 7, 2020

Large screen, DeX and enhanced S-Pen bring computing power to pocket device

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note20 devices can bridge the gap between mobile and computing for businesses, according to the manufacturer’s UK B2B director Joe Walsh.

With the largest screen on a Note phone yet, enhanced S-Pen capabilities, and the ability to use Samsung DeX wirelessly, the Note20 is positioning itself as a premium business smartphone.

Speaking to Mobile News, Walsh thinks the phone can serve as a singular work device across mobile communication and computer work due to its size and versatility.

As working from home has risen in the past five months, laptop, tablet and PC sales have surged. Meanwhile, the smartphone market has shrunk, as consumers and businesses have held off on updating their devices.

However, as lockdown measures ease, and businesses look to boost productivity, Walsh thinks the Note20 is well-placed to offer them the flexibility that new working conditions require.

“With the increase of remote working, the modern professional needs more from their work device, and this is where the Note20 comes into its own,” he said. “It’s no longer a question of using a mobile or a laptop, it brings the best of both worlds into one device, which is why it’s so applicable to business.”

Samsung has around 90 per cent market share in the UK’s police forces. Officers use Note devices to take notes while on patrol, access up-to-date databases, and get digital signatures from witnesses, eliminating the need to return to the station

Additionally, Samsung’s Enterprise Edition software gives businesses simplified control of their device fleets and years of security and maintenance updates.

“A lot of SMEs do not have either the skills or the IT team to be able to deploy security patches across 10-20-30 devices,” said Walsh. “Digitisation has accelerated during Covid so this proposition is landing very well.”

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