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Nokia and Honor confirm 5G patent license agreement

Staff Reporter
January 4, 2024

Nokia and Honor have signed a new patent cross-license agreement covering both manufacturers’ fundamental 5G inventions and other cellular technologies.

Nokia says it has invested more than €140 billion invested in research and development over the last 23 years since 2000 to develop around 20,000 patent families. These include 6,000 patent families essential to 5G. Nokia licenses the inventions on “fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms. Licensed companies can then and use these technologies.

Nokia has been embroiled in a legal dispute with Oppo over the FRAND part of the licensing

Susanna Martikainen: “fourth major litigation-free smartphone agreement in the last year”

This is the fourth major litigation-free smartphone agreement that Nokia has concluded over the past year, and highlights the strength of Nokia’s patent portfolio and decades-long contributions to cellular standards and other technologies.” said Susanna Martikainen, Chief Licensing Officer Mobile Devices at Nokia.

Wenyu Zhou, Head of Global Intellectual Property at Honor added:“Honor respects IP rights and believes that reasonable value of IP is important to the development of mobile industry. The conclusion of the patent cross-license agreement shows Honor’s commitment on innovation ”

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