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Google Pixel Fold heads league table of expensive device repair costs

Staff Reporter
December 18, 2023

The Google Pixel Fold is the most expensive phone to repair with an eyewatering bill of £1,177 at for a full repair including new screen and battery replacement

So says phone repair comparison site Get Phone Repairs which directs users to repair shops in the customer’s area.

Samsung’s Z Fold and Z Flip phones are the next most expensive folding phones to fix

The Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max was the most expensive single-screen phone on the list, with a full repair costing £753 followed by the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra costing £737 for a full repair.

Get Phone Repairs as produced a database of repair costs to warn users how much their phone will cost to get fixed. It includes prices for all major repairs, including screen replacements, new batteries, and back glass repairs.

Source: Get Phone Repairs

As phones become more sophisticated, phone repairs are getting more and more costly,” said Get Phone Repairs  founder Ryan Leston. “Since the smartphone is such a huge part of our everyday life, we need to make sure we can use it when we need to.”

You might be able to get away with a cracked screen for a short while, or a battery that takes ages to charge, but eventually you’ll need to get it sorted – it definitely pays to know which phones offer the best value repairs. Of course, we recommend you use a local phone repair shop to pay even less.”

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