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KeySIM strikes remote SIM deal with Wired Broadcast

Paul Lipscombe
April 5, 2022

The proposition aims to offer greater flexibility for customers

KeySIM has struck a partnership with critical connectivity specialist Wired Broadcast to provide the company with remote SIMs.

Set up in 2019 as a way of simplifying the deployment of SIMs, KeySIM specialises in providing multi-network data SIM cards.

This allows cellular data SIMs to Vodafone, O2, EE and Three in the UK, plus hundreds of networks globally, while also being able to remotely provision them for customers through its portal – thus eliminating the need to change hardware settings physically.

KeySIM founder Graham Robinson says the product is ideal for those that need to deploy cellular kit to remote locations.

Range of sectors

On top of its tie-up with Wired Broadcast, KeySIM supports businesses in sectors including construction, agriculture, security, IT services and financial services, as well as the NHS Trust segment.

The partnership with Wired Broadcast allows KeySIM to rapidly deploy SIMs at base that can be configured and measured remotely.

“Traditionally, a user could only steer a SIM to a specific mobile network by changing hardware settings,” said Robinson.

“This is problematic because users who are using the hardware may not be technically minded or have the hardware to hand – it could be on a construction site, for example.

“Some hardware does not even have the option to steer at all. KeySIMs can be steered remotely by logging onto our portal without having to change hardware settings or have the hardware to hand.”

Patrick Gunning, broadcast operations manager at Wired Broadcast, added: “KeySIM is the only multi- network SIM we have found that can be steered by the user to a particular network using an online portal. It’s an extremely useful feature.”

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