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Three Hong Kong starts accepting payments via cryptocurrencies

Megan Robinson
April 5, 2022

Only Hong Kong residents will be able to use the service, which will not be available in mainland China

Three has become Hong Kong’s first telecoms operator to accept cryptocurrency payments.

Customers can now pay for phone bills, products and services online with selected cryptocurrencies powered by the cryptocurrency exchange service of FTX US, known as FTX Pay.

The collaboration means that 3 Hong Kong customers will be able to use selected cryptocurrencies for monthly fees, and purchases of mobile devices and value-added services.

Many other use cases are being actively explored as well.

Digital world

Kenny Koo, executive director and CEO of 3 Hong Kong’s parent company, HTHKH, said: “3 Hong Kong is pioneering a new digital world with the addition of virtual currency payments, as evidenced by the exciting collaboration with FTX US using FTX Pay.

“We are providing customers with new payment options in the metaverse.”

Users will have to create an FTX US account to access and use the feature.

The company expects that each crypto transaction will be completed within 15 minutes, depending on the cryptocurrency used and related operational and compliance requirements.

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