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Huawei outlines potential of 5.5G

Paul Lipscombe
July 19, 2022

The vendor says that 5.5G will deliver download speeds of up to 10Gb/s

Huawei outlined its vision for 5.5G as the vendor detailed potential use cases and the opportunities for IoT.

The comments were made by David Wang, Huawei’s executive director of the board and chairman of the ICT infrastructure at the vendor’s WinWin Innovation week.

During his keynote speech on 5.5G, he said that Huawei is planning for deployment of 5.5G by 2025.

Wang outlined the potential for new use cases to drive digital technology in the coming years, citing ambitions to deliver 10Gb/s uplink and downlink speeds through MIMO technology, with enables greater bandwidth, spectrum efficiency and higher-order modulation.

“Looking ahead to 2025, the sheer diversity and magnitude of network service requirements will create huge new market potential,” Wang told those at the event.

Wang also highlighted the role that AI will play in driving the 5.5G IoT market and proposed Net5.5G for the first time – which looks at the evolution of IP networks to meet the demand needed for running intelligent applications.

When referring to specific future use cases Wang noted sensors will becoming pivotal in driving new scenarios and applications, plus further developments in automotive advancements.

He also spoke of the importance of green technology and its role in driving energy efficiency, while calling for the industry to collaborate in its goals for 5.5G.

“As we move towards the 5.5G era, all industry players need to work together to bring standards to maturity and cultivate a thriving industry.”

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