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Huawei hits back at the US following trade extension ban

Paul Lipscombe
May 18, 2020

The vendor warns that the ‘persistent attack’ will impact its business 

Huawei has hit back at the US for extending the trade ban, as the vendor warns its business will feel the impact.

The vendor also called the US out for what it says is a “persistent attack on Huawei”.

Huawei rotating chairman Guo Ping issued the defiant message during Huawei’s Global Analyst Summit.

Ping also warned that such restrictions will have an impact on Huawei’s business.

It follows President Donald Trump’s decision to extend the telecoms trade ban until May 2021.

Ping said that Huawei has been “specifically targeted” by the US.

“We expect that our business will inevitably be impacted by this,” said Ping.

“The US government persists in attacking Huawei. But what will that bring to the world?”

“In spite of that, the challenges over the past year has helped us develop a thicker skin, we are confident about finding solutions soon.

It is understood that the latest telco ban could impact Huawei and its chip subsidiary HiSilicon developing chipsets.

The ban could potentially require Huawei to obtain a license for any shipments from vendors that use equipment from the US.

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