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More than half of UK small businesses open to switching broadband provider

Paul Lipscombe
November 25, 2021

During the pandemic, over three-quarters of small businesses have been hampered by slow broadband at some point

A new study has found that just over half (51 per cent) of UK small businesses are likely to leave their current broadband provider.

The study, which was commissioned by B2B telecoms provider Sky Connect and conducted by Censuswide, found this to be the case despite nearly three quarters (71 per cent) investing in their business broadband in the last 12 months.

Bad customer service, slow upload and download speeds and unreliable broadband speeds have been cited as key reasons for wanting to switch providers.

More than three quarters (77 per cent) of small businesses have been hampered by slow broadband during the last year, with this impacting dealings with customers.

Sky Connect managing director Kevin O’Toole said: “Broadband is not something businesses will – or should – be thinking about day to day, but it’s noticeable as soon as it isn’t up to standard, and can have damaging consequences.

“As SMEs continue to adapt to an increasingly digital world and deliver additional online services, more than ever before, broadband providers must prioritise reliability to enable small businesses to focus on what really matters to them.”

The study also highlighted the significance of 4G and 5G services, as 74 per cent of small businesses said they would be ‘more likely to recommend a business provider that provided a more reliable connection to someone else if it offered 4G or 5G backup’.

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