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Vodafone announces self-powered mobile masts

Megan Robinson
November 25, 2021

Trial deployment of Eco-Towers will start later this year.

Vodafone has created self-powered mobile masts that will be deployed across the UK in the most remote locations.

Working with Crossflow Energy and Cornerstone, the towers will be built in the remote parts of the UK without the challenge and cost of connecting to the electricity grid.

The Eco-Towers will reduce Vodafone’s energy consumption and help its target of achieving net zero for its UK operations by 2027.

The towers rely on renewable energy and will improve rural connectivity by supporting industry commitment of expanding mobile coverage to reach 95 per cent of the UK landmass by 2025.

Vodafone UK chief network officer, Andrea Dona said: “We are committed to improving rural connectivity, but this comes with some very significant challenges. Connecting masts to the energy grid can be a major barrier to delivering this objective, so making these sites self-sufficient is a huge step forward for us and for the mobile industry.”

Cornerstone chief executive officer, Rhys Phillip said: “Cornerstone is committed to sustainability and safeguarding the future of our planet. Piloting exciting initiatives like this with our partners and customers can only help us develop better ways of contributing to a sustainable, net-zero carbon emission future while ensuring a connected Britain.”

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