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Honor drives Porsche Design to create new premium smartphones

Staff Reporter
December 14, 2023

HONOR has commissioned Porsche Design to help create high-end smartphones. The first jointly-developed smart device will be unveiled next month in China.

The Porsche subsidiary has created designs for premium devices for about 15 years including models from BlackBerry and Huawei.

HONOR is the perfect brand partner to drive innovation and combine exceptional design and outstanding performance. We share the same goal to become leaders in the modern luxury segment of smart devices,” said Stefan Buescher, (main pic) Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche Lifestyle Group.,

HONOR CEO George Zhao (main pic) added. “This long-term collaboration between HONOR and Porsche Design opens exciting new opportunities to bolster our growth in markets around the world. The two brands look forward to bringing cutting-edge innovation and premium purist design to luxury smart devices.

Honor started as a budget and mid-range Huawei sub-brand.

Following USA trade restrictions on Huawei it was sold three years ago to a consortium of Chinese companies to help Honor regain access to technologies and components hit by sanctions against Huawei.

It is now an independent brand separate from Huawei able to operate more freely as it is not subject to to Huawei sanctions and has been able to source components and collaborate with partners that were previously restricted due to Huawei’s situation.

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