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EE’s technology has blocked 11 million scam calls since July

Megan Robinson
August 18, 2022

The operator also launched its text anti-spam filter last year which has blocked 200 million scam texts 

EE has launched upgraded technology which has blocked 11 million scam calls for EE, BT and Plusnet customers since its introduction in July 2022.

The firewall technology from EE uses AI to review calls through the UK Calling Line Identification (CLI) from other countries and block international calls before they reach customers.

The technology will benefit EE, BT and Plusnet customers as well as those on other networks by detecting international calls using UK numbers and stop them from being forwarded to other networks.

EE is so far the only provider actively blocking scam calls from reaching other networks as well as its own.

EE’s customer care change director Chris Howe said: “We are investing in the latest technology to ensure as many scam calls as possible are blocked before they reach our customers. 

“Everyone should feel confident answering their phone or reading a text message without the fear of potentially getting scammed.

 “This new international call blocking technology, combined with the 200 million scam texts blocked from our mobile network, means our customers can count on EE to have the safest network.”

EE’s tips to prevent scams can be found here



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