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ID Mobile claims unexpected roaming charges cost Brits £262 per holiday

Megan Robinson
August 18, 2022

The survey showed 71pc of people say they wouldn’t even expect to pay for roaming charges

Unexpected roaming charges have hit 27 per cent of Brits when on holiday, with bills averaging £262 according to research carried out by iD Mobile.

Despite facing costs when roaming without an inclusive bundle, only 21pc say they consider roaming charges when looking for a new contract. 

For 60pc of Brits going abroad this year, 90pc of them will be taking their mobile phone but only 49pc are prepared for using their phone abroad freely. 

Operators like Three, Vodafone, EE and Sky are now charging for roaming, but switching to a network provider like iD Mobile includes roaming in 50 destinations on its phone and SIM only plans. 

Customers can save an average of £149 a year on phone deals compared to the major networks and iD mobile customers who want a SIM only option can save an average of £10 per month. 

iD Mobile head of customer and marketing Lewis Henry said: “At iD Mobile we are committed to providing the best value for our customers. 

“With so many of our competitors now charging for roaming, we’ve decided to continue providing our inclusive Roaming benefit for all new and existing customers to help ease the burden a little in these challenging times. 


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