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Global alert over Apple iPhone and Mac security glitch

Staff Reporter
August 19, 2022

Don’t panic but update now say security experts

Apple has for the first time publicly disclosed serious security vulnerabilities for iPhones, iPads and Macs. These could potentially allow attackers to take complete control of devices. Apple said it is “aware of a report that this issue may have been actively exploited” and has rushed out emergency fixes and is urging all iPhone, iPad and Mac users (with Monterey OS installed) to update.

Apple enthusiast website MacRumors said the updates address vulnerabilities “that could lead to arbitrary code execution. Apple says that it is aware that these vulnerabilities may have been actively exploited in the wild, so it is important to update right away.

Security specialist Brian Higgins, at Comparitech advised Sometimes the platform providers release functions that are so dangerous they need to be fixed immediately to protect applications and devices and that appears to be the case here. Apple usually relies on software updates to keep their platforms safe and hopes that any ‘bugs’ go largely unnoticed between releases. It’s very rare for them to go public like this. This means everyone should take this threat seriously and update as soon as they are able. The big risk in publicising a major vulnerability is that now every Cyber criminal on the planet knows it exists and Apple users are in a Zero Day race to update their devices before they can be infected. If Apple think it’s so serious that they need to go public then if you haven’t already installed iOS 15.6.1 you need to go and do it right now.””

Mac users urged to upgrade Montery OSX

Sam Curry, Chief Security Officer at Cybereason said there was no need for anyone to panic. “While the vulnerability could allow threat actors to take full control of a device, stay calm and simply get control of your devices and download the software updates available from Apple. Do that and move on. In a rare case, will we find out how threat actors were able to exploit the current vulnerabilities?

Jamie Ahktar, CEO and co-founder at CyberSmart said the story showed how important it is to keep u to date with the latest versions of software.

“Flaws like this are inevitable and hackers will always find them. However, software companies are typically very good at ‘patching’ any flaws very quickly and release these fixes as updates. By regularly installing any updates, you’re effectively ensuring your device’s security doesn’t have holes in it and mitigating a lot of cyber risks. So update quickly and often!”

Andy Norton, Chief Cyber Risk Officer at Armis said that many people have not updated their Apple products for fear of shortening the life span of their devices and that behaviour now must change.  Follow the guidance, patch now.”


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