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DeWalt exclusive to help Global Mobile Comms drill into new markets

Alex Yau
May 17, 2016

Handset manufacturer will distribute MD501 rugged handset through Ingram

Handset manufacturer Global Mobile Communications (GMC) expects its exclusive deal with Ingram Micro to distribute its new rugged DeWalt MD501 smartphone to add “tens of millions” in additional revenue over the next year.

The Northamptonshire-based company, also an EE and O2 partner, signed a three-year contract with the distributor in April, which is in the process of being sold to aviation firm HNA Group for $6 billion.

DeWalt, known primarily for its power tools, is the latest construction company to add its brand to smartphones, following JCB and CAT.

GMC anticipates the company will sell 10,000 MD501 handsets over the next year, and is looking to launch in Australia, South Africa and the Nordics.

Speaking to Mobile News, GMC managing director Stephen Westley claims both DeWalt and Ingram’s reputations in their respective markets will result in a record year in terms of revenue, but declined to reveal the companies recent revenues – which are not publicly available.

Big opportunities

“This gives both us and Ingram the opportunity to bring a product that offers several advantages over what’s already in the market.

“Users expect a certain level of quality and DeWalt is recognised as one of the most reliable brands in the building trade. The MD501 doesn’t just look better than other rugged handsets, it’s tougher as well. It also has a dual SIM and the battery can last up to eight hours. It addresses all the areas trade workers expect from a rugged handset and more.”

The handset is dust-proof, can withstand two metre drops onto concrete and can be immersed in up to two metres of water for 30 minutes. It has a five-inch HD screen and can operate in temperatures between -20 and 60 degrees Celsius. It also has a 13MP rear and 5MP front camera.

A second DeWalt handset is also planned for launch in Q4, but Westley declined to reveal further details.

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