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CTech Group announces partnership with Experian

Paul Lipscombe
July 8, 2020

The partnership allows CTech to provide credit checking services to retailers selling SIM Only

Network enabler CTech Group has struck a partnership with credit check specialists Experian. 

The partnership means CTech is able to integrate its application interfaces (APIs) in line with Experian’s credit checking functionality and offer the service to its retail partners. 

Speaking to Mobile News CTech Group CEO and founder Ashley Bailey said the partnership will help CTech attract more retailers.

CTech specialise in enabling retailers to sell software along with hardware through SIM Only product. Partners include Argos, Three, Vodafone, Lebara and Envirofone. 

“We’re adapting our technology to put us into more avenues and making our proposition more attractive to retailers, which are looking at offering more services,” said Bailey. 

Bailey explains that Experian’s credit checking allows customers to enjoy a quicker and more friction-less experience. 

“People who want to switch from one mobile network to another, so they can take advantage of better value SIM only price plans, need to prove their identity and pass a credit check before they can be accepted as customers.” 

Overcoming a hurdle

But collecting the necessary information can be difficult for the retailers who can sometimes lose customers during this process, says Bailey. 

“However, this verification process creates a pinch point in the customer journey because retailers either struggle to collect the information needed to connect the customer, or, because of limitations in the technology, can’t carry out the right credit check.

“We’ve developed a software as a service (SaaS) solution to this problem that will integrate our cross operator application interfaces (APIs), with Experian’s credit checking functionality and a retailer’s e-commerce systems.

“This means retailers will not only be able to perform the right identity and credit check in real-time, but also activate the SIM, without having to have multiple API integrations with each of the different operators.”

Experian head of telco, utilities, public sector and healthcare Stuart Surridge has welcomed the partnership. 

“The functionality CTech has developed will allow retailers to credit check their customers instantly and then activate the SIM within their website, without disrupting the customer journey.

“We’re excited about this innovation because now Experian’s suite of products can be used to make the buying journey as smooth as possible and reduce fraud.”

Argos will be one of the first CTech partners to use the service.

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