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US restrictions won’t have immediate impact on Huawei

Paul Lipscombe
July 8, 2020

However Huawei’s Vice President has called the sanctions “unjustified”

The US sanctions against Huawei won’t have an immediate impact on the vendor, according to Vice President Victor Zhang.

In a media call earlier today (July 8) Zhang told reporters it could take months before the implications against Huawei are known.

He also called the sanctions against the vendor “unjustified” and urged the UK to make a considered decision on any ban.

Zhang also revealed that there won’t be an immediate impact on Huawei’s ability to supply 5G equipment to Britain during this time.

It follows the growing uncertainty around Huawei in recent weeks, with many reports suggesting Prime Minister Boris Johnson could overturn the UK’s decision to permit Huawei a role in the UK’s 5G networks.

Johnson permitted Huawei a limited role in January, capped at 35 per cent.


Speaking to reporters in a media call Zhang said: “The UK government has taken the responsible step of asking the National Security Centre to conduct a review that these restrictions could have on the UK’s networks.

“It is important to stress that the restriction by the US administration will take months to fully understand.

Zhang added: “We urge an cautioned and evidence based approach to this critical long term decision.

“The fact is it is too early to assess the long term impact, and too premature to make a considered judgement on our ability to deliver next generation connectivity across the UK.”

Huawei has only recently announced plans to invest £1 billion into a research and manufacturing facility in Cambridgeshire. This project will generate 400 jobs.

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