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China wants to weaponise 5G for anti-West activities, says US Intelligence supremo

Mobile News
December 9, 2020

Beijing can use Huawei for worldwide snooping, claims Director of National Intelligence

America’s most powerful intelligence officer has again warned that China is using
Huawei and other Chineses firms to programme vulnerabilities into US software
and equipment.

John Ratcliffe, the US Director of National Intelligence, told the Wall Street
Journal in a self-penned article last week that China’s efforts to dominate 5G will
increase Beijing’s opportunities to collect intelligence, disrupt communications and
threaten user privacy worldwide.

He claims China is developing world-class capabilities in emerging technologies
and that its intelligence service use their power to access tech firms “such as
Huawei to enable malicious activities including the introduction of vulnerabilities
into software and equipment.

Huawei has consistently denied it is influenced in any way by the Chinese
Government. But this time the accusation has come from the USA’s most senior
intelligence official.

Ratcliffe has access to more intelligence than any member of the US government apart from the President.

In his Wall Street Journal column, he said he had told US allies that using Chinese-owned tech would limit the USA’s ability to share intelligence with them.

Ratcliffe says China already suppresses web content in the US and says US intelligence must have the resources to give policymakers “unvarnished insights” into China’s intentions and activities.

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