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Canalys: Revenue for PC shipments up 15pc during Q1

Paul Lipscombe
April 11, 2022

Demand for more expensive PCs helped the overall revenue to grow

The PC market grew in overall revenue by 15 per cent for the first quarter of this year, despite shipments falling three per cent year-on-year.

That is according to data from analyst firm Canalys, which reported shipments of PC’s hit 80.1 million in Q1 2022.

Revenue for the quarter hit $70bn (£53.7bn) despite the market continuing to suffer from supply issues, as demand for more expensive PCs rose during Q1.

Sales of notebooks dropped six per cent to reach 63.2 million units, while desktop figures went up by 13pc to reach 16.8m units.

“Vendors and their shareholders have reason to cheer, as the PC industry’s revenue growth streak continued,” said Canalys Principal Analyst Rushabh Doshi. “People are using their PCs more often, for longer and for a greater range of tasks than ever before

“Even if customers are forced to delay purchases due to rising prices in the short term, a large wave of device refresh is inevitable, especially given that more than 50% of active devices are more than four years old. Meanwhile, commercial demand will remain strong this year even as consumer and education purchasing falters.”

Doshi anticipates that due to remote working, there will continue to be strong demand for ‘higher-specified PCs’ as IT expenditure will remain high this year.

Lenovo is still the top vendor in the PC market for the first quarter, with 18.2 million units,  followed by HP with 15.8m units.

Dell, Apple and Asus completed the top five for sales, with HP’s numbers dropping the most of the five vendors, by 18pc YoY.

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