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FOLLOW US UK average broadband speed comes in at 16.5Mbps

Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne
August 8, 2017

The UK sits 31st in the world broadband speed rankings with Sweden, Taiwan, Denmark and Netherlands hitting nearly double the speeds of Britain. has found that the UK has an average broadband speed of 16.51 Mbps, less that half that reported by Ofcom earlier in the year.

The UK sits 31st in the world rankings, ahead on 158 countries but behind a lot of European countries including Spain, germany, Hungary, Slovakia and Bulgaria.

Using data collected by M-Lab, found that Singapore is the best country for speeds with an average speed of 55.13 Mbps followed by Sweden and Taiwan who achieved 40.16Mbps and 34.4Mbps speeds.

M-Lab, a partnership between New America’s Open Technology Institute, Google Open Source Research and Princeton University’s PlanetLab, conducted over 63 million speed tests around the world in the 12 months up to May 10 this year. consumer telecoms analyst Dan Howdle said: “These results offer us a fresh perspective on where we sit int he broadband world.

“Relatively speaking, we are near the top of the table however many of those ahead of us ae our neighbours both int he EU and wider Europe.

“Superfast rollout in the UK continues apace. Goals are being met, new initiatives undertaken and public funds being made available however there are lessons to be learned both from Europe and from those topping the table.”

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