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O2-owned Weve to provide Lotame with telecommunication audience data

Manny Pham
July 10, 2017

Lotame customers will be able to improve the quality of their programming planning and make use of audience segments of up to 30 million

O2-owned mobile marketing firm Weve will provide data management platform company Lotame with telecommunication modelled audience data.

Integrating mobile ad exchange firm Axonix, Weve data will be come available for Lotame clients on a data management platform (DMP) for the first time.

Using the platform Lotame customers can improve the quality of their programming planning and make use of audience segments of up to 30 million. This will enable them to target their particular audiences and build campaigns with a higher degree of confidence and accuracy.

Lotame users will also benefit from the freedom to append Weve Insights data to the media inventory of their choice, meaning planners can confidently design audience segments at scale.

Weve head of sales and interim general manager Martin Weller said: “Weve Insights data is a unique mobile first, stand-alone data offering that is based on real people, not proxies, modelling the behaviours of Weve’s verified network onto the rest of the UK adult population”.

Axonix CEO Simon Bailey added: “The Lotame partnership allows us to get Weve Insights data into market, providing advertisers and publishers with access to a unique mobile-first data product that can be traded fluidly and outside the parameters of a walled garden, whilst ensuring we respect consumer privacy. We are excited about the global scale this partnership brings, enabling us to activate our data in each of the markets we operate in.”

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