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Bullitt extends distribution reach for Cat phones with Data Select partnership

Jasper Hart
August 25, 2020

Five devices on offer, including latest S42 and S62 Pro models

Data Select has partnered with Bullitt Group to offer the manufacturer’s Cat phones into its UK channel.

The partnership sees Data Select offering Cat’s new S62 Pro and S42 handsets, as well as its S52 smartphone and B26 and B35 rugged feature phones.

Data Select said that the Cat phones would “complement” its existing rugged portfolio, which includes the Hammer and AGM brands, as well as Samsung’s XCover rugged phones.

“We are excited to offer our channel access to Cat phones once more and will look to leverage our rugged Android knowledge to grow this channel for them,” said Data Select’s head of vendor management Kelly Cowan-Johnson. “We have many years’ experience of the brand and know this will land well with our core base of the UK’s leading B2B resellers. We are also able to offer new retail and e-commerce channels for Cat phones.”

Data Select did not disclose its new ecommerce partners. Additionally, the partnership does not change Bullitt’s existing relationships with Eurostar Global and Data Select parent Westcoast.

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