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Bullitt devices to be BlackBerry Secure as pair announce partnership

Paul Lipscombe
June 28, 2018

Bullitt Group specialise in manufacturing ruggedised handsets 

Bullitt has announced an agreement with BlackBerry that will see its smartphones securely protected to BlackBerry Secure standards as it looks to “overserve” to business customer needs.

Brands including Cat (Caterpillar Inc) and Land Rover are licensed under the Bullitt Group in a sector that specialises in developing devices for the rugged market.

Bullitt devices are used by customers in over 100 countries with a strong exposure in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa), North America and Latin America.

BlackBerry Secure is a highly secure software platform that connects people, devices, processes and systems and can protect businesses from attackers looking to exploit any device vulnerabilities.

According to Bullitt Group chief product officer James Shannon the “legacy” that BlackBerry possess in the B2B and enterprise space influenced the decision to choose Blackberry.

Speaking to Mobile News Shannon said: “BlackBerry is a household name from a device manufacturer perspective and has a really strong legacy in security.”

“Customers respected BlackBerry’s security and legacy for many years and was the mainstay of their enterprise for device security.”

While Bullitt specialise in producing rugged devices, the need for devices being just as secure internally through software is just as important.

“We are all about creating durable and rugged products on the outside but we also want to create a secured experience from the inside and BlackBerry is a key partner to deliver that.”

Most Bullitt customers are those that use their phones for work and the decision according to Shannon was to “overserve” the segment.

“Most customers are happy with the current stock Android, but our B2B customers want us to go further and this is an opportunity for us to overserve this segment.”

BlackBerry SVP and general manager, mobility solutions Alex Thurber told Mobile News he has been impressed with Bullitt’s working relationship with big brands.

Thurber said: “I’m excited about the deal with Bullitt because of the work they do with iconic brands such as Land Rover and Caterpillar. Those are both great brands and we’re excited to be affiliated with them.”

“BlackBerry has a great brand reputation in North America and so having a BlackBerry Secure device should resonate well with many potential customers here.”

It has not been announced by Bullitt Group or BlackBerry when Bullitt devices will be BlackBerry Secure or how long the partnership will last for, however that it is long-term.

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