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EE gives smart homes boost in speed with service

Manny Pham
June 28, 2018

EE superfast packages are called Fibre Max 1 at £42 a month and Fibre Max 2 at £47 a month

EE is launching a 300Mbps ultra-fast broadband service based on the standard to be rolled out across the UK to around 13 million users.

People in areas capable of receiving will be offered two EE superfast packages called Fibre Max 1 at £42 a month and Fibre Max 2 at £47 a month. Fibre Max 1 will have average download speeds of 145Mbps and average upload speed of 28Mbps. Fibre Max 2 accelerates this to an average download speed of 300Mbps and average upload speed of 47Mbps.

EE customers already on a pay monthly mobile plan will also be given an extra 20GB on their monthly data allowance. was  first trialled by BT three years ago. It boosts data speeds by bringing the broadband processor at the telephone exchange (DSLAM) within around 250 meters of homes, with extra distribution points connected to BT’s fibre cabinets.

These points can be in a manhole, on a pole or in a mini-cabinet in the street. G-fast also bumps speeds by using higher frequencies than VDSL2 at a more limited range and makes better use of these higher frequencies along copper cables to increase data speeds.

EE marketing MD Max Taylor, said: “Our new fibre broadband plans are designed to support the demands of customers with increasingly connected homes and families.

“With the growth of 4K TV smart home technology becoming more popular than ever, and more members of the family using the latest smartphones and tablets, we’re giving our customers the widest range of converged mobile and home broadband products in the UK.”

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