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AO expands portfolio with launch of AO Mobile

Paul Lipscombe
August 8, 2019

AO World acquired online retailer Mobile Phones Direct in December 2018

Online electronics and appliances retailer AO has launched a website dedicated to its mobile offering.

The website, which has been launched today (August 8) will feature an extensive choice of handsets from a number of vendors with plans available through the big four operators.

AO Mobile is run by
Mobile Phones Direct, who originally set up as a high-street dealer
in 1992

MPD were acquired by AO
World in December last year, as the retailer identified a gap in its
wide portfolio of electronics.

AO founder and chief
executive John Roberts has hailed the launch as a “gamechanger for

“Customers tell us
that they find buying mobile and connectivity complicated. From
today, we’re making it easy to choose what’s best for them with
easy-to-understand pricing and fantastic service.

“We can make it
cheaper because AO Mobile customers don’t have to pay for hundreds of
high-street stores with thousands of sales staff.”

Some of the deals
include the Samsung A10 on a Vodafone tariff for £24 per month, the
Huawei P30 Lite for £29 through EE, or an exclusive O2 deal for the
Samsung Galaxy S10 for £55 per month with 120GB of data.

This month AO Mobile
customers can also receive a digital reward card that comes with £250
pre-loaded to spend online at


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